I believe we are all connected. By understanding why people go missing and what we can do to prevent it, collectively, we have the power to protect people and save lives.”

Professor Karen Shalev Greene is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading academics and experts on the subject of missing persons. For the past 14 years she has amassed a wealth of expertise nationally and internationally and is sought after as a researcher, public speaker, advisor and media commentator.

She is the lead editor of the seminal book “Missing Persons: A Handbook of Research”, which brought together experts in the UK to explore why children and adults go missing, areas relating to missing person investigations and the emotional and practical impact of a loved one going missing has on those left behind.

Karen has written extensively about the subject of missing persons in published reports and peer reviewed academic journals. She has transformed her extensive knowledge into learning material which is now being taught at the University of Portsmouth at all levels of study. She also engages in public speaking and training days for professionals working in law enforcement, the public sector and non government agencies in countries around the world.

She served in the Israeli Air-Force for two years. She has a BA in Criminology and English Literature from Bar-Ilan University, an MSc and PhD in Investigative Psychology from the University of Liverpool. In 2012, she founded the Centre for the Study of Missing Persons which specialises in researching all areas relating to missing persons.